Organized Cybercrime is Progressing Rapidly

  • Cybercriminals are evolving, diversifying their attacks, and becoming more skilled at identifying and accessing critical data.
  • A large number of today’s cyberattacks end in blackmailing and data loss. Many even wipe out entire IT functions.
  • The number of ransomware attacks is rapidly increasing and the attacker is getting better and faster at detecting organizations' vulnerabilities.

True Experts Make Difference

  • A professional SOC (security operation center) has the capability to detect and respond to cyberattacks at a time when you cannot.
  • With the right SOC you will get greater speed in detecting cyberattacks and quickly respond to them before they cause huge damages.
  • To successfully detect and respond to intrusions in time, requires extensive experience, real-world insights, a great understanding of your organization, and highly adaptable solutions.

Get the Best Threat Detection Capability Available

Capabilities Included Beyond a SOC Service


We regard our work as not merely a SOC service, but a transparent and collaborative partnership in cybersecurity.

What do you get?

  • The ability to counteract every stage of a cyberattack event chain, as well as control it.
  • Active 24/7 attack monitoring and remediation.
  • Proactive threat hunting, preventive threat intelligence, and counteractive incident response and recovery.

Cyber Expert Managed SOC


We deal with the vast majority of intrusions where a company refuses to pay a ransom.

Our Experience:

  • Every single learning from all of our engagements, along with those from threat hunts across our customer environments, industry-leading Threat Intelligence, and vulnerability intelligence is fed back to our SOC.

  • We constantly tune our rulesets to be current, giving you the most up-to-date defense.
  • The end result? More than 30% of our registered incidents are caught by those tuned rules. 

We Set You Up Fast. And We Detect Fast.


With our Detect & Disarm service the dwelling time, from when a cyberbreach has happened but before a negative impact, is eliminated.


  • We will set you up within a day.
  • Disarming an intruder quickly is key to reducing or eradicating incident damage.
  • Also, it is highly preferable to establish your detection capability BEFORE a cyberbreach takes place, to catch what the threat actor is trying to do.

Customer Case


“We currently discover maybe 10-20 times more threats than we did before. We also get help to sort out and prioritize so that we can act on the things we need to solve".


Michael Exenberger, IT manager at Bufab Group 

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