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Sessions and speakers


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  • The Current Cybersecurity Threat Landscape
    Speakers: Fabio Viggiani and Mattias Wåhlén
  • Stealthy Persistence Techniques
    Speakers: Alexander Andersson and Fabio Viggiani
  • Detecting Attacks, Threat Hunting, and Custom Rules
    Speakers: David Lilja and Hasain Alshakarti
  • Zero to Ransomware in 20 minutes - Log4J Attack Simulation Demo
    Speakers: Ben Bidmead and Blake Townsend
  • Expert Panel Discussion and Closing Q&A

Speakers at the Event

Let us present to you, the sharpest minds and cybersecurity experts in the industry.

Fabio Viggiani

Technical Lead of Truesec Security Team

Fabio is the technical lead of the Truesec Security Team. He has extensive experience in leading incident response missions, Red Team assignments, and threat intelligence research. He also works closely with Truesec Security Operations Center, focusing on threat hunting and detection. This gives him strong insight into the current threat landscape and the latest attacks and detection techniques.

Mattias Wåhlén

Threat Intelligence Lead, Truesec

Mattias is the Threat Intelligence Lead of the Truesec Threat Intelligence Unit. He has 35 years of experience in Swedish Intelligence, including 13 years as Cyber Threat Analyst and Team Leader at FRA (Försvarets Radioanstallt). He has done extensive research of the Russian cybercrime arena and similar crime groups. He also works closely with the Truesec Incident Response Team, focusing on attribution.

Ben Bidmead

Senior Cybersecurity Expert, Truesec

Ben Bidmead is a cybersecurity expert with an expertise in Linux, Web Application Security and Network Penetration testing. Ben helps customers secure their infrastructure and web applications through penetration testing, red teaming and occasionally performing Linux forensic work during incidents. Ben is in his prime discovering assets and mapping organization's attack surface.

Alexander Andersson

Cybersecurity Expert, Truesec

Alexander is a cybersecurity expert working with incident response, threat intelligence, and red teaming.He is an expert in attacking and forensicating Microsoft-based infrastructure as well as web applications, Linux, Kubernetes, and clouds. Alexander has a software development background and enjoys developing threat intel capabilities, attack tools, exploits, and advanced forensic tooling.

Blake Townsend

Senior Cybersecurity Expert, Truesec

Blake is a cybersecurity expert with an expertise in Linux, Active Directory Security and Network Penetration testing. Blake enjoys penetration testing and red teaming. Recently, he started improving his skillset in the Incident Response space as well. Outside of work Blake enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Hasain Alshakarti

Principal Cybersecurity Advisor

Hasain, also known as "the Wolf", is an industry-leading IT security expert with focus on networks, PKI, and certificates. He's a senior IT security consultant with deep experience from numerous design projects, audits, advanced implementation projects and penetration systems testing. Due to his expertise, he is a sought-after speaker and a popular instructor at various events worldwide.

David Lilja

Threat Detection and Threat Hunting Expert

David is working as a Level 3 Analyst, supporting the Level 1 and Level 2 SOC analysts in their work finding malicious activities in our customers’ corporate infrastructures. His passion is finding threats and collecting intelligence to protect brands and infrastructure environments but he is not shy to talk about modular synthesizers and sound design. David is certified in Cyberthreat Detection as well as Cyberthreat Intelligence.

Madeleine Sandmon

Service Delivery Manager, Truesec SOC

Hosting the event together with Petter Fahlström, and together guiding the attendees through the day. Madeleine works as Service Delivery Manager at Truesec Detect. She is responsible for ensuring quality in our service delivery by holding recurring meetings with updates on the latest activities in the customer IT environments.

Petter Fahlström

Chief of Operations, Truesec Detect

Petter will be hosting the event, alongside Madeleine Sandmon. With a passion for creating a safe, digital future, Petter believes that work should be fun, fast, and fulfilling. He is equally proud and humble to be a part of the specialist team that is Truesec. He brings with him a sense of humor, plenty of experience from the IT service industry and a belief in the notion to stay curious.